Life is an Adventure!

What I enjoy most about traveling is being able to experience new places, meet new people and step out of my comfort zone.  

It’s not the place you travel that makes it worthwhile, It’s the people you meet along the way.

Travel Adventures

Traveling is a beautiful way to expand your horizons, explore new places and create new memories .

Valuable Resources

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Wander into an Adventurous and Exciting Journey!

The Way to Wander and Thrive has developed over the years from a combination of the things I love in life. I am passionate about encouraging women to overcome fear and live a life of purpose.  I have a wanderlust for travel and meeting mew people. I enjoy not only exploring new places but sharing my journeys with others. Life is an adventure…Get ready to be inspired!

About Me

Hi, I’m Steph. I’m originally from the Midwest, but have called SW Florida home for over 25 years.  I love photography, being active and outdoors and am always ready for an adventure.  Travel is very important to me and I love to explore new destinations. My wanderlust began after returning home from Russia following the adoption of my daughter. Read more about that here.

I recently sold my home and most of my possessions in order to live more simply.  I am currently living the full-time RV life and loving it.  This has allowed me the time and financial freedom to focus on the things that are meaningful rather than accumulating possessions.  My faith is very important to me and I strive to live a life of purpose and service. I’m passionate about helping women live an empowered life fueled by meaning and adventure. One that you are excited about and not just surviving, but Thriving! So keep reading and let’s do this crazy, wonderful “life” thing together.


“Stephanie’s Warrior Workshop taught my co-workers and I practical tips and strategies to protect ourselves from being assaulted. As a realtor who is often alone in homes during open houses and showings, I need to know how to protect myself.  Stephanie’s class was hands-on, empowering and lots of fun!”

Cheryl, Punta Gorda

“Stephanie was awesome in helping plan a girls trip to Asheville NC! She recommended a quaint Air B&B with hosts who were fantastic. With her guidance we rented a car and drove through the beautiful hills and went to the Biltmore house. We also signed up for a food and drink tour which took us to several local restaurants in Asheville. Over all it was one of the best trips I’ve taken and would definitely love to go back!  Thanks Stephanie!”

Lisa, Cape Coral

“The ‘Damsel Warrior Workshop’ Stephanie held at my home was powerful! My friends and I were introduced to the ‘Damsel’ products and the importance of situational awareness. As we became familiar with the ‘Damsel’ products and practiced our defense skills on ‘Bob’ the mannequin, we felt alert, confident, and in control. My business requires me to sometimes meet people in locations with which I may not be familiar. Now that I have my ‘Damsel’ products I feel more confident and safe than I did previously. I appreciate the thoughtful design of the products, and I’m very thankful for Stephanie’s passion and expertise in the area of personal safety!”

Signe, Fort Myers

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