As I prepare to start RV living I am focusing on what is really necessary and what is not.  Clean drinking water is at the top of my list.  I’ve been drinking bottled water for some time but after doing some research, I have decided that this is not a good long term option.  Bottled water is marketed as being cleaner and safer than tap water. But is it?  A 2018 study that analyzed 259 bottled waters from around the world  found that a whopping 93 percent contained “microplastic” synthetic polymer particles.  There is also a perception that bottled water is higher quality and more pristine than tap water. However, water that is bottled from special springs is rare and in reality, most bottled water comes from similar sources as your municipal water supply and is often not filtered.  On top of that, the environmental damage that results from millions of plastic water bottles being thrown away every day is huge.

The solution that I came up with for clean drinking water is a Berkey Water Filtration System.   This will allow me to filter and purify the water provided at campgrounds and feel good about what I am drinking.  I do use a water filter attached to the spigot which filters the water to a safe level for showering,  but had been using bottled water to drink.  Between my coffee, tea, and water, I drink about a gallon a day.  That is a lot of water jugs taking up space in a 24 ft RV!

Why a Berkey?  A Berkey filters water to such a high level that it is considered a filter and a purifier.  A Berkey removes viruses to >99.99 %.  It removes bacteria and inorganic minerals such as chlorine to 99.9%  It also removes heavy metals, microorganisms (think of e, Coli and fecal Coliform) and pharmaceutical drug contaminants to >99.9%

The Berkey comes in 6 sizes depending on the space available.  I went with the Travel Berkey which has a 1.5 gallon capacity and filters up to 2.75 gallons per hour.   The travel Berkey comes with two black filters.  Before using the system, the filters need to be primed.  This involves running water through the filters to get rid of all the air.  Once the filters are primed, a red dye test is recommended to ensure the priming was done correctly. It is recommended that the filters be replaced about every 5 years.  The filters will last approximately 6000 gallons.  A Berkey is able to filter all water including river, stream, even pool water.  Of course, the dirtier the water the sooner the filters need to be replaced.

I’ve only had the Berkey for a couple days but love the taste of the water.  The peace of mind knowing that my drinking water is clean and purified both at my apartment and when I am living in my RV is worth every penny!  How clean is your water?

I’m an Rver living in SW Florida. I have a love of travel and photography. Living in Florida, my backyard is a travel destination with crystal clear water, beautiful beaches, quaint towns, and amazing wildlife. Wander with me…

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