Pepper spray is an easy and affordable self-defense tool.  It is simple to use, rendering the assailant weakened and allowing women to feel protected. Pepper spray is actually Oleoresin Capsicum, it is made with an oil derived from natural pepper sources and is very effective at inducing a variety of negative effects.

These effects include intense stinging of the eyes causing temporary blindness,  as well as difficulty breathing, choking, coughing and nausea. This is caused from swollen mucous membranes.  The effects will last from 30-45 minutes. Damsel In Defense’s (DID) pepper spray is 18% Oleoresins Capsicum and 2 Million Scoville Heat Units, making it the hottest on the market.  It is not Mace, as Mace is a brand of pepper spray.  DID can be sprayed up to 16 feet. 

To use pepper spray,  you simple turn the actuator to the open position and depress until the canister is empty.  Spray in a Z pattern focusing on the eyes, nose and mouth. 

DID’s pepper spray is equipped with a UV dye which stays on the attacker’s skin for multiple days. Its purpose is to identify the assailant using a black light.

Pepper spray does expire 3 years after stated manufactured date. Leaving pepper spray in extreme heat or cold will shorten its life- span.  Be sure to locate the expiration date on the bottom of the canister and never use expired pepper spray.  This is dangerous because it will not work effectively and may enrage an attacker.

Damsel In Defense carries a variety of  pepper sprays ranging from keychain pepper sprays to sprays which include a disable pin. The Protected Pepper includes a disable pin which ensures that the spray cannot be used against you.

 DID’s newest pepper spray is the Protected Pepper with alert and tracking technology.  The pepper spray syncs seamlessly with Damsel’s own Shield Community app and notifies chosen contacts of deployment and location, allowing continuous location alerts until disabled.  This peace of mind is priceless for protecting the ones that you love.

To learn more about Damsel in Defense’s Pepper spray visit my Damsel website.

I believe that woman should not be afraid to travel.  Whether your wandering takes you to a coffee shop in a nearby city, or across the ocean, feeling confident that you can protect yourself is empowering.  From understanding situational awareness, knowing how and when to use personal safety products and developing the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, I will teach you the tips and tricks to wander wisely.   

Stephanie Karasek
Empowerment Coach
Damsel Safety Trainer

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