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We are a mission-based, nationwide company that offers personal protection products to keep women and their families safe! Our Mission is to Equip, Empower and Educate women and reduce the statistics of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Your Personal Safety

I believe that woman should not be afraid to travel.  Whether your wandering takes you to a coffee shop in a nearby city, or across the ocean, feeling confident that you can protect yourself is empowering.  From understanding situational awareness, knowing how and when to use personal safety products and developing the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, I will teach you the tips and tricks to wander wisely.   

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Personal Safety Blogs

The Power In The Pepper

The Power In The Pepper

Pepper spray is an easy and affordable self-defense tool.  It is simple to use, rendering the assailant weakened and allowing women to feel protected. Pepper spray is actually Oleoresin Capsicum, it is made with an oil derived from natural pepper sources and is very...

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10 Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Traveler

10 Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Traveler

As a female who occasionally travels solo, I’m often asked about safety. I hear comments like, You’re going alone?  Is that safe? as well as a list of worse case scenarios.  Exploring new places, even when they are in your own backyard, is an opportunity to take a...

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Own Your Personal Protection

Own Your Personal Protection

Own Your Personal Safety My goal is to create awareness, educate you and guide you into embracing personal Safety while traveling! I carry these fashionable and highly effective personal protection products ranging from personal alarms to stun guns whenever I leave...

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Wander into an Adventurous and Exciting Journey!

The Way to Wander and Thrive has developed over the years from a combination of the things I love in life. I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. I am very passionate about personal safety and empowering women to overcome their fears and live boldly. I have a wanderlust for travel and enjoy not only exploring new places but sharing my journeys with others. Get ready to be inspired!


“Stephanie was awesome in helping plan a girls trip to Asheville NC! She recommended a quaint Air B&B with hosts who were fantastic. With her guidance we rented a car and drove through the beautiful hills and went to the Biltmore house. We also signed up for a food and drink tour which took us to several local restaurants in Asheville. Over all it was one of the best trips I’ve taken and would definitely love to go back!  Thanks Stephanie!”

Lisa, Cape Coral

“Stephanie’s Warrior Workshop taught my co-workers and I practical tips and strategies to protect ourselves from being assaulted. As a realtor who is often alone in homes during open houses and showings, I need to know how to protect myself.  Stephanie’s class was hands-on, empowering and lots of fun!”

Cheryl, Punta Gorda

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