Own Your Personal Safety

My goal is to create awareness, educate you and guide you into embracing personal Safety while traveling!

I carry these fashionable and highly effective personal protection products ranging from personal alarms to stun guns whenever I leave home.  These products will leave you feeling empowered and equipped to protect yourself in a variety of situations.

I’ve created a Facebook group to bring together like minded women all in search of being empowered and thriving in life. This VIP group is a place for women to be Educated, Empowered and Equipped to protect themselves and their families through safety awareness and personal protection products. It is a place to share encouragement and stories as we support each other in becoming the confident strong and capable women that God created us to be! 

Damsel In Defense

We are a mission-based, nationwide company that offers personal protection products to keep women and their families safe! Our Mission is to Equip, Empower and Educate women and reduce the statistics of sexual assault and domestic violence.

  • Our Security On The Go products allow you to leave home with peace of mind.
  • Our best selling Stun Devices and Pepper Sprays arm you with protection against any physical threat.
  • Our SAFE Hearts storybooks and Parent Guides are our education-based product line that allows parents to empower children to protect their hearts & bodies.
  • Lastly, our Daphne Concealed Collection allows you to carry your protection with confidence!
  • Digital protection from unseen dangers with Digital Defense – a single, simple to use protection plan.

To learn more about the products, or to purchase your own personal protection click here

I believe that woman should not be afraid to travel.  Whether your wandering takes you to a coffee shop in a nearby city, or across the ocean, feeling confident that you can protect yourself is empowering.  From understanding situational awareness, knowing how and when to use personal safety products and developing the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, I will teach you the tips and tricks to wander wisely.   

Stephanie Karasek
Empowerment Coach
Damsel Safety Trainer

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