ECHO Global Farm

ECHO’s mission is to equip and empower hungry families with knowledge and the life-giving grace of God.  Echo has Regional Impact Centers in Southeast Asia and East and West Africa with the world headquarters located in N. Ft. Myers Florida. Echo was founded in the 1970’s when an Indiana businessman, Richard Dugger, led a group of high school students on a mission trip to Haiti. He was overwhelmed by the poverty and hunger that he experienced. In 2001, ECHO received a grant to develop the Global Farm and Research Center in which six areas of tropical climates are simulated.  Interns working at ECHO are assigned to a climate zone to care for.   The global farm serves as a hands-on training ground as well as providing education to make the public aware of hunger related issues and solutions to alleviate malnutrition and starvation.  Currently, more than 800 volunteers and eight interns give over 75,000 hours of work yearly.

What ECHO does:

  1. Making the Most of Our Impact

   ECHO partners with local NGO’s, farmers, missionaries, and volunteers to train farmers and create sustainable results.

  1. Provide Aid Where It’s Needed Most

    ECHO focuses on small-scale farming solutions to create the most change and feed the most families.

  1. Increasing Global Food Production

     70% of the world’s population depends on small-scale farmers for most of their food.  ECHO’s programs are increasing food production at its most critical source.

  1. Teaching Sustainable Farming Methods

     ECHO.s training equips farmers to restore soils, reduce erosion, and build a sustainable future.

  1. Adapting to Changing Conditions

     ECHO’s training gives families the ability to become more resilient in adverse conditions.

Visiting ECHO is transformative in understanding malnutrition and starvation as well as learning about solutions to overcome world hunger.  

ECHO provides two tours for visitors.  At ECHO Global Farm Tour, you will experience creative farming with unique demonstrations, plants, and techniques to help farmers around the world.

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