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The Unforgettable Ko Lanta, Thailand

February 20, 2017

The unforgettable Ko Lanta, with all the charms and draws of the more popular islands surrounding it, is not on the radar of most travelers. It has a great mix of things to do to make your trip stand out.  This island is very much one size fits all, with affordable bungalows, to hotel resorts of any budget.  It is motorcycle friendly and very easy to navigate on the large paved roads. Offering plenty of restaurants, cafés and bars along the main road and side streets, you will never be looking too far for something to do.

The island offers a lot of outdoorsy activities to keep you moving and out in the beautiful weather, not just on Ko Lanta but also on the surrounding islands. Snorkeling at Koh Rok, one of the best in the Adaman Sea, offers wonderful reefs, multiple species of fish and interesting coral of different textures. The water is warm and inviting and crystal clear, making for an unforgettable experience.

The Emerald Cave at Koh Muk is accessible only by boat but definitely a must see.  The entrance is a bright emerald green that slowly darkens as you swim, yes swim, in. The cave gets darker and is about a two or three minute swim. You will need a flash light (provided by a tour guide) and it will become pitch black, then opening up into a lagoon and beach area surrounded by towering cliffs, which is inside the island!!

In addition to the relaxing tropical beach side massages, and other activities, you can volunteer your time to cuddle with a cat or walk a dog, The city is a rescue center for stray and abandoned animals. You can spend an hour with an animal that needs love, and honestly, why wouldn’t you want to?

You could look into stand up paddle board yoga, deep sea fishing, sea and mangrove kayaking with Lanta Eco Tours. Be sure to check out local food and restaurants along the main roads and side streets and don’t miss happy hour sunset cocktails. Try Rak Talae Beach Bar or the Reggae Beach Bar.  Another really, really fun and interesting, as well as useful, thing you could check out, is the Thai cooking school with Time for Lime. Lastly, give paint ball and indoor rock climbing at Lanta Paintball a try.  

To learn more or book an excursion while in Ko Lanta, click here.

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